About Us

Bamboa Home, launched in 2008, has it’s flagship boutique in the PMQ Building, located in Soho, Hong Kong. The design team at Bamboa Home, designs and markets bamboo products ranging from bamboo bedding, towels and blankets to furniture, tableware and lifestyle products.

Being a leader in bamboo bed sheets, Bamboa has worked incessantly to gain access to every part of the supply chain, starting with the source, the bamboo forests to the processing of bamboo into the bamboo yarn to the weaving into bed sheets. 

Bamboa has worked with its manufacturer in a joint venture to develop and create bamboo lyocell fabric (Versus rayon or viscose) made from 100% organic bamboo—the most resource-efficient plant on the planet. 

The bamboo lyocell method doesn’t use any toxic substances or chlorine containing bleached and 98% of the water used for the production is recycled in s closed loop system...

At Bamboa Home, we constantly keep in mind that resources and energy supplies are becoming scarcer. Therefore we have considered it our calling to help rediscover the beauty and qualities of a sustainable resource: Bamboo.
Combining our passion for design and sustainability we create elegant and chic products made with heart and soul.
"We believe that beautiful and durable products should not come at the environment’s expense”
- Julia Washbourne CEO & Founder