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Silky Bliss

You spend 30% of your life in bed, treat yourself to the luxury of our silky soft bamboo sheets

Bring your Booflask wherever you go!

Less Plastic, Less Waste! Every time we drink from our Booflasks, we are reminded and take pride in our responsibility for our environment.

Ultimate Feeling With The ASH Bedding Set

This is our limited edition of luxe and chic bamboo, organic cotton and linen bedding set in grey! It's DIVINE, you have to try it!

Silky Bliss Bamboo Bedding

Not only will you have your best nights sleep in these, you will also be helping our environment!

Our Best Sellers

Bamboa bedding

Advantages of our Bamboa bedding

  • 100% natural bamboo fiber  *
  • Extremely soft and silky texture (800 thread count)
  • Cools you in the heat and warms you in the cold
  • Hypoallergenic (perfect for sensitive skin)
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant, they never smell!
  • The Greenest Choice - 100% Biodegradable 
  • Oeko-Tex certified (no harmful chemicals)
  • Easy to machine wash and dry

 *Blended blanket contains 75% bamboo fiber and 25% cotton

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Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towels

Bamboa’s towels made from bamboo fibers are 3 times more durable than cotton, anti-bacterial (always stay fresh and never become smelly), and even get softer with time! 

We use towels every day, why not feel the soft and silky textures of our bamboo towels on your skin every day!

BAMBOA's bamboo towels, made from 100% bamboo fiber, with a weight of 600 GSM are of the highest quality. Our towels are the eco-friendly choice as bamboo doesn’t require pesticides nor water to grow. Furthermore bamboo fiber is entirely natural and completely biodegrades, returning to nature without harming the environment. 

What are the advantages versus cotton towels?

  • Extremely soft and silky texture
  • Highly water absorbent (3 x more than cotton)
  • Hypoallergenic (perfect for sensitive skin)
  • Naturally Anti-bacterial and Odour Resistant (if you never want another smelly damp cotton towel, then our bamboo towels are the ultimate choice, as they will always stay fresh)
  • Biodegradable textile material
  • Colour fast colours
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Alice Page

I love the bed linen. I didn’t expect them to stay so soft but after two years of pretty much constant use and washing they are as soft and lovely as when I first bought them. Highly recommend.

Alice Page

Stephen W. Stanton

The bed sheets and pillowcases are amazing. We have two complete sets (and we are disappointed whenever there’s anything else on the bed). Soft, smooth, breathable, luxurious.

Stephen W. Stanton

Susan Scott Buchenberger

The best and THE softest sheets and towels!!! Buttery soft. Our boys love our sheets so much I'm ordering for their beds too!

Susan Scott Buchenberger

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Bamboa, est. 2008, is based in the bustling heart of Hong Kong Island. We design, create and market contemporary and attractive bamboo products ranging from home and lifestyle products, bamboo fabric to flooring and decking. Some of our products can be custom made according to customers designs and requests. Find us in the PMQ 元創方 building, Aberdeen street 35, Tower A, room S304. We will gladly receive your visit!

xx Bamboa team xx

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