Our contribution

It takes no great intellect to understand what is happening in the world now and what has happened already. 

Bushfire in Australia, Amazon rainforest fire, California fire, the meltdown of ice in the Arctic, a deadly tropical typhoon in China, typhoon Hagibis in Japan, the tropical cyclone Idai in Africa and flooding in Indonesia are not a sign of a climate emergency in the coming future, it is happening NOW.

We believe in bringing positive changes for the global environment by acting regionally and locally.


In Hong Kong, we supported Mother’s Choice by donating prizes for their annual Gala and donating proceeds of sales. Additionally, we support and sponsor other groups committed to eliminating the need for single-use plastic.

Since 2018 we have sponsored the VRC Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta by sharing our bamboo cups in order to eliminate the need for single-use plastic ones. We also supported Paddle for the Planet, Hong Kong, with prizes of our sustainable products and we collaborate with like-minded companies in the area to upcycle materials that might have otherwise been sent to the landfills.  We look forward to significantly contributing to the environmental success of even more events in the future!