Our Mission

Bamboa actively promotes the use of the most sustainably resourced bamboo by designing attractive, high quality and practical home and lifestyle products that are made in the homes and small businesses of rural communities across Asia. All of our products are made on a fair-wage basis as a stable source of income, thus helping to alleviate poverty in less-fortunate regions. 

We believe that beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense.  As we head into a future of scarcer resources and limited energy, it is our goal and our passion to rediscover bamboo's beauty and qualities and for it to replace materials such as hardwoods, stainless steel, plastics and concrete, bringing sustainably produced into people’s homes, refining their lifestyle choices.  Each of our products is designed with the highest environmental and social standards, with the quality of the products being directly under our control.

We are committed to going beyond actively reducing the need / use of single-use plastic to returning to the source to produce responsibly and sustainably bamboo products as a long-term solution.