4 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Bed Sheets for Your Home

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We all want to buy the best products for our family and we strive every day to get those things that deliver maximum satisfaction along with good health and comfort. Often people ask about the advantages bamboo sheets and reasons to buy bamboo bed sheets. Historically, bamboo was not used in textile industry. New technology has been recently allowed the bamboo to be manufactured into high quality fabrics that are good for you, your home and the planet! 

Bamboo bedding:

Because bamboo sheets are biodegradable and completely organic, they are quite popular with people who are earth-conscious and love to use green products in their home. They also make very soft bedding and absorb sweat, but not odours so are great in hot climates.

Let’s find out more about bamboo sheets. Here are the top 4 reasons to choose a bamboo bed sheet.

1. Bamboo fabric is softer and more breathable than cotton:

Bamboo fabric is extremely soft, even softer than cotton. It has drape features and smoothness that can be compared to silk. While purchasing bamboo sheets, it is worth the peace of mind, because they promote good health and hygiene. The sheets are ideal for those people who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. The fabric has also great ventilation and anti-bacterial properties. 

2. Easy to maintain:

Bamboo bedding and sheets are easy to care for. You can machine wash them in 40 degrees centigrade with a mild soap or detergent and dry on low temperature. The more you wash them, the softer and smoother they become. The fabric is extremely durable and lasts longer than some cotton weaves. To get the most out of the lifetime of your bamboo sheets, do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners to wash them. There’s also no need to use softeners on your sheets. Ideally they should be hung to dry but you can machine dry on a low setting. 

3. Health-friendly:

Bamboo bed sheets are extremely health-friendly due to their antibacterial and breathable properties. You and your family will stay safe from allergies and other skin problems. Recommended for eczema and asthma sufferers, bamboo bedding can help your whole family get a healthy night's sleep. Additionally, you are adding natural beauty to your bedroom and keeping your home beautiful

4. Moisture Absorbent

This is most important for those people who sweat a lot when they sleep. Bamboo sheets have moisture wicking capability, unlike cotton. We also have a bamboo-linen blend of sheets. The combination of these two natural fibres makes for a more raw, natural finish. Due to it’s moisture/water absorbing nature, Bamboa also uses bamboo fibre to make our range of super absorbent and high quality towels.

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