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Bamboo Fabric: Is it Safe for Babies?

Bamboo Fabric: Is it Safe for Babies?

Being a new parent, you may be getting confused regarding how and why bamboo is making its way into baby products right from baby diapers to washcloths and bamboo towels. It is now considered as a trend, but is it really safe? Is it really eco-friendly as it is touted to be? No doubt, each and every parent wants the best clothing for their baby that is made of the softest and most hypoallergenic materials.

Bamboo fabric:

Bamboo fiber is softer than cotton and clothes made with bamboo feel heavenly to wear. Bamboo has a number of wonderful qualities that are crucial for all babies. The bamboo fabric has a natural sheen equal to cashmere that allows your baby’s skin to enjoy the luxurious softness and tender feeling. This material is more absorbent than cotton and keeps moisture away from your baby. Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that reduces the symptoms of asthma, skin problems and allergies.  Its thermal regulating capacity can keep your baby warm in winter and cool in warm temperature. The antibacterial and odorless features will also keep your baby smell fresher. Additionally, it has UV protection property that reduces your baby’s exposure to the sun.

Bamboo fabric: Is it really safe for your baby?

Bamboo fabric is made in a safe and eco-friendly process. Traditionally, it was milled into fabric in a laborious mechanical process, but now the demand for new processes has forced a great way to mill the fiber using Nano technologies. The process is completely safe and hygienic. They are now used in all baby organics like, bedding mattress cover, diaper inserts, and towels.

The material itself is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It’s an excellent choice for the sensitive skin of your baby.

-          Bamboo can grow without pesticides, and insecticides

-          Bamboo fabric can be called as a thermal regulator, because it helps your baby regulate their temperature

-          It’s a strong fiber and doesn’t pill

Are they really organic?

Bamboo fiber is really organic and already a product certified by The Organic Crop Improvement Association. Bamboo grown in the Sichuan province of China is USDA and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. However, it can be concluded that bamboo fiber is really good for babies.

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