Bamboo Fabric: Why is it the best for babies?

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Bamboo fibre, why is it the best for babies?

Each and every parent wants the best clothing for their baby that is made of the softest and most hypoallergenic materials. Being a new parent, you may have noticed bamboo is making its way into baby products from diapers to washcloths and bamboo towels. Bamboo is on trend in sustainability circles, but is it really that good? Is it really eco-friendly as it is touted to be? 

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Bamboo fabric:

Bamboo has a number of wonderful qualities that are crucial for all babies. Bamboo fibre is softer than cotton with a natural softness equal to cashmere and clothes made with bamboo feel heavenly to wear!

Another benefit of Bamboo fabric is that it is more absorbent than cotton. It's moisture-wicking capability keeps moisture away from your baby allowing your baby’s sensitive skin to be protected.

Perfect for allergy sufferers, bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that reduces the symptoms of asthma, skin problems and allergies. Its thermal regulating capacity can keep your baby warm in winter and cool in warmer seasons.

The antibacterial and odourless features will also keep your baby’s sheets fresher for longer. Because bamboo has a natural UV protection property bamboo shawls or muslin swaddles make a great sun-safe shade for your pram or car!

Bamboo fabric: Is it really safe for your baby?

Yes! Not only is it safe but it may be the best choice for your baby, especially if they have sensitive skin or allergies.

Bamboo fabric is made in a safe and eco-friendly process. Always grown organically without the need for pesticides, traditional processes for milling bamboo into fabric were time consuming and laborious. Now, thanks to nano-technology, bamboo fabric is rapidly produced in a completely safe, economical and hygienic process. 

These processes provide different weights and styles of eco-friendly bamboo fibres that are now being used in many organic baby products including bedding, mattress covers, diaper inserts, and towels that perform much better and are healthier than traditional materials such as cotton or man-made synthetic materials.

The best benefits of bamboo fabric for your baby include:

- Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It’s an excellent choice for the sensitive skin of your baby.

-  Bamboo can grow without pesticides, and insecticides so is 100% organic

-   Bamboo fabric acts as a thermal regulator, helping your baby stay warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot.

- Bamboo wicks excess moisture away from your babies skin

-   It’s has a super-soft texture is strong and doesn’t pill

- Bamboo fabric can be machine washed and dried

Is it really organic?


Bamboa's bamboo fibre is certified organic by ‘The Organic Crop Improvement Association’. Bamboo grown in the Sichuan province of China is USDA and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. 

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