8 Ways To Have A Green, Eco-friendly Christmas

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It's the most amazing time of the year where we are going to celebrate Christmas with gifts, lights, delicious food and travel to meet our loved ones. So, let’s pledge this year to celebrate Christmas without messing up the environment. 

Starting from decorating your house or preparing Christmas dinners and giving gifts to your loved ones, think something different this year and opt for sustainable ways to celebrate Christmas this year. 

There are some best ideas to celebrate Christmas 2019 in an eco-friendly way that we will discuss in this blog further. 

1- Use Living Tree

One of the significant ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly is to use a living tree. For example, you could grow a Norfolk Pine in your garden or open space near your home. This tree grows very fast and looks quite alluring as a Christmas tree. In the end, this tradition will save your time and effort as a whole.

2- Handmade Christmas Card

Ready-made cards look simple and stylish at the same time it is expensive. Manufacturing those cards require a bulk amount of natural resources. Whereas, handmade cards are always loved and appreciated more because of its personal touch. Head to youtube to find out some DIY card making videos and indulge yourself to something interesting.


3- Go Green and Gift Green

Gifting something green to your loved ones is perfect and exemplary. This Christmas present green gift to everyone you want rather than that of the conventional one. Taking small steps to protect our environment is commendable. Green gift from Bamboa will leave a lasting memory.

If you are wondering to find such eco-friendly gift ideas then Bamboa is the one to get from. 

4- Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

Just thinking about the amount of gift wrapper going to the landfill after the festive season will make you shrink. There are many retailers who are supplying festive paper bags that can be easily recycled. Or you could hold on old store paper bags, ribbons and boxes to use in future for wrapping. 

Here are some of the references for making cool DIY eco-friendly gift wrap.



In addition to this, you could also get brown craft paper which is completely biodegradable.

Eco-friendly gift wrap


5- LED Lights For Lighting

If you are wondering to buy new strands of lights this year then you should go for LED lights because it saves more than 90% of energy and lasts longer than that of traditional bulbs. 

6-  Dinner Ideas 

Choose organic and locally cultivated vegetables from your local market. You could skip disposables and bring out some resources from your neighbour for a big house party. You could also use some eco-friendly cutlery, plates, bowls, glasses, etc. made from Bamboo. Compost the leftovers in a proper way or give it to animals to lessen possible waste. This way you could make your dinner sustainable as a whole.

7- Environment Restoration Activity

Don’t you think to do something different this Christmas that will put a positive impact on our environment? For those individuals who want to conserve the memories of beautiful occasions and represent the worth of nature, you could plant a tree on this Christmas with your friends or family.

In addition, you can also spend some time cleaning your nearby areas that enhance the environment as the origin of our well-being. 

8- Make Christmas Tree From Origami

We would urge you not to cut real trees rather you could make a Christmas tree from Origami. In addition to this, you could also make birds from origami to decorate your tree. You could learn the step by step instructions from YouTube. It will also help children to learn some craft ideas.

Christmas treefrom origami

DIY: References to make Christmas tree from origami 



Show some great enthusiasm and celebrate this year’s Christmas without putting any kind of bad impact on our environment. 

We would love to know more from your how you have taken actual measures to celebrate this Christmas in an eco-friendly way. Please let us know in comments.

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