Bamboo vs Cotton sheets - How To Decide Which One To Buy

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Did you know, Bamboo is astonishingly lightweight and can intake thrice the water than its weight. This is why Bamboo could effectively get rid of moisture. 

Bamboo and Cotton are two popular materials among sheets. In this blog, we will focus on the differences between Bamboo and Cotton sheets. 

Before proceeding we would like to let you know that here, we will consider some of the important features such as quality, thread count, environmentally friendly, comfort and much more to showcase their differences. Our review on bamboo and cotton sheet will be a little bit different and useful for those who are reading this blog. 

1- Thread Count

Thread count is considered to be the most important factor that decides the quality of any fabric. One major thing to know is, the higher the thread count of a sheet, the more it is comfortable and soft.

There is high-quality cotton material which is soft because it has an extremely high thread count. In general, if you compare between regular cotton and bamboo material then bamboo will be the softer one. In addition to this Bamboo is hypo-allergenic that can be worn by anyone suffering from skin allergy. 

2- Temperature Neutrality

Bamboo has a very fascinating property than cotton. Bamboo makes you feel cool in the hot climate and hot in a cold climate. Whereas cotton holds on heat.

Both cotton and bamboo are breathable, but regular cotton is not so breathable only cotton having high thread count is breathable, however luxurious cotton is quite expensive.

3- Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important features to consider before you buy anything to use personally. There are various specifications to consider apart from this. The cotton sheets having low thread count is not so enjoyable. 

While Bamboo has the quality to deliver a great level of comfort. They usually provide you with a pleasant experience and feel soft. 

4- Environmentally Friendly

For growing bamboo there is no requirement of any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides whereas, cotton requires a lot of fertilizers and pesticides to grow.

The re-growth of Bamboo occurs very rapidly. The process used for their manufacture is more eco-friendly than that of cotton sheets. So, fertilizers and pesticides used in this process symbolise harmful to the environment.

5- Cost

Cost is the fundamental factor that most people will consider before purchasing anything. Generally, bamboo sheets are more expensive than those of cotton sheets. The cost also depends on the weave and style you choose to buy.

6- Cleaning & Caring

Both bamboo and cotton sheets are meant for machine washing. For bamboo, any additional fabric softeners are not recommended while you can use fabric softeners for cotton sheets.

The bamboo sheet doesn’t need much attention and is extremely durable than a cotton sheet. You could take easy care of bamboo sheet than that of cotton as it is wrinkle-free and highly durable.

7- Health

It has been well researched that a minimum of 6-8 hours quality sleep is extremely beneficial for our whole well being, also fighting against wrinkles, in general ageing, against illness, fatigue and stress.

It is most important also to spend this quality time sleeping in excellent beds, mattresses and bed sheets being the closest to your skin, which is the biggest bodily organ, are the most vital and important investment for our health.

Bamboo bed sheets, made from 100 % organic bamboo. But, cotton sheets don’t follow a fully organic procedure.

Final Verdict

We will say that both bamboo and cotton are better than other bedding stuff.

It’s true, the bamboo fibres are thinner than our hair, therefore extremely silky and soft. Bamboo fabric also cools you in the Summer and warms you in the winter.

Furthermore bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, which means it always stays clean, hygienic and fresh. Cotton bedding should be changed 1 x a fortnight and bamboo bed linen stays fresh up to four weeks! Bamboo bed sheets are more eco friendly in nature than cotton.

Bamboa bed sheets, made from 100 % organic bamboo, grown in the lush and wild bamboo forests in China, are sewn locally in our neighbourhood in Hong Kong.

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