New Year's Resolutions For Eco-warriors

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As the new year is close by, many people are involving themselves in the most renowned tradition i.e, making new year's resolutions. Here, people reconsider and reexamine their important life choices.

The new year is the perfect time for those who failed to take possible courses of action to what they intended to do that will add value to their life.

Most of you make promises like you will find a new job, lose weight, plan a trip to somewhere at least once in a year, etc. So, this tradition of making new year’s resolutions motivate you to make a list of your choices for 2020. Just keep in mind this folklore is intended to live on.

So why not we make choices that will not affect the environment, weather and other spices. There is a lot you can add to your new year's resolution 2020 list to live sustainably.

Here are a few suggestions that could be included in your new year resolution 2020

1- Go Plastic Free

Plastic free

This new year pride yourself to be an eco-warrior by using all the sustainable products in place of single-use plastic.

Nearly, plastic bottles, plastic toothbrush and other single-use plastics end up in landfills and oceans and ultimately lead to plastic pollution. So, cut down the use of single-use plastic like avoid product packed in plastics, use reusable bags, use avoid products made from plastic, stop buying a plastic water bottle, carry your water bottle and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

2- Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

This new year buys quality fashion products that will last longer and is sustainable.

There are different forms of sustainable fashion. You can focus on making clothes from eco-friendly fabric or go for vintage/second-hand fashion clothes or get the benefits of swapping or renting newly manufactured clothes.

3- Use Natural Cleaners

Natural Cleaners

Most of you must be wondering whether homemade natural cleaners work actually?

There are many ingredients which could be found in any household which can be used as natural cleaners.

4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quarter warm water can be combined and work as a deodorizer. This can be used to clean stainless steel.

One more example is, combine white vinegar, water, lemon rind and rosemary sprigs then leave it for a week before using. After that, this solution can be used to clean trash cans, remove hard water stains, etc.

You could get more examples on youtube DIY channels.

4- Intake of Organic Food

Organic Food

Go for greener and ethical food choices. It is good for you as well as for the environment.

Purchase vegetables from your nearby farmer's markets rather than going for packaged vegetables. Try to get organic food whenever possible. Organic food means food that is grown without harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

5- Eco-friendly Worker


Many individuals travel alone and contribute to greenhouse gases. To reach your workplace go for carpool, cycle, public transport or walk if it is nearby.

Welcome, a paperless environment. If you want to take down a note then use notepad in your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. Avoid printing unnecessary documents.

Always prefer recycled papers for printing and visiting card.

6- Make Others Aware

Make Others Aware

You could make your family, friends or colleagues aware of environmental issues. If you are applying these in your life you could influence others to follow the same path.

Participate in sustainability discussions online or join clubs that works towards sustainability and conservation of the environment.

7- Choose Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

This new year, adopt renewable energy like installing solar panels. From centuries, fossil fuels are used to generate power, however, it is non-renewable and contributes to global warming up to a great extent.

We hope you have enjoyed your reading and felt inspired by our blog.



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