5 Bamboo Alternatives To Cut Single-Use Plastic

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Nearly eight million tonnes of plastics are dumped every year in our oceans and make the place hell for our marine life. This shocking statistic will make you re-think before using single-use plastic items.

There are many common single-use plastics products, for example, plastic bottles, food wrappers, plastic grocery & shopping bags, plastic straws & stirrers, cigarette butts and much more. 

This is high time for us to act. Small steps starting to avoid plastic from our home could make a big difference.

As an individual one should make some changes to their lifestyle like using a more eco-friendly product or using reusable water bottles. No doubt taking collective action will show the positive result to save our environment.

Since most of the people will agree to this point and want to espouse in their lives from this very moment, we would like to give you some ideas so that you could encourage others to move on the same path. 

There is a wide range of bamboo items that could be replaced in place of plastic. 

Why bamboo? Bamboo is an important raw material because it is durable, strong and has antibacterial property. Furthermore, Bamboo is environmentally friendly. Here we are listing a few Bamboo items that could replace single-use plastic.

1- Bamboo Toothbrush

Start your day with Bamboo toothbrush because it is sustainable in nature. Bamboo toothbrush is stronger and works as effective as a plastic toothbrush.

Also, bamboo has anti-bacterial properties that give lasting protection to fight against bacteria.

Bamboo toothbrush

2- Bamboo Tea/Coffee Flask

If you are a beverages lover then avoid using plastic tea of coffee flask and use our Booflask.

Booflask is thermally insulated that keeps tea/coffee hot and cold as needed for more than 8 hours. 

It has a good grip, in addition to this, even if it falls from hand it won’t break. 

Bamboo Flask

3-  Bamboo Root Tea Cup

Cup is a common thing that is being used at home on a daily basis. So, use bamboo root teacups which is not hazardous to human health and the environment. 

Pour yourself and your guest a piping hot cup of joe with bamboo root teacup. The speciality of the cup is, it is made from Bamboo root.

4- Bamboo Straw

Nowadays, people are using straws quite often so, use eco-friendly bamboo straws in place of plastic.

After you wash Bamboo straw, it dries very quickly. You could store bamboo straws in a cool and dry space.

Bamboo Straws

5- Bamboo Wooden Chopstick and Spoon 

It is suitable for hot as well as cold food. It can be washed and used again. Manufacturing of this item is completely sustainable. 

You can gift these items to anyone if you are an eco-warrior.

Bamboo spoon

If you want to look into our wide range of Bamboo product then click here. 

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