Ssssshhhh! Beauty Sleep Secrets Revealed!

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When it comes to skin care regimen, we have all heard about facials, cleansers and all sorts of expensive beauty treatments. Sometimes, it’s the things that are easiest to overlook, cause most of the damage. Yes, we are talking about your bedding & pillow cases here. When your skin & hair spend more than 8 hours a day on a material that strips of unnecessary oils, it creates an irreversible impact on your beauty. Your skin ages faster, shows wrinkles and the freshness is taken away.

Bamboo pillow cases are specifically designed to keep your skin moisturized while you sleep. Bamboo fabric feels soft and silky when your skin glides over the pillow. It helps reduce the ageing process and maintain your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. 

What makes Bamboo pillow cases best for your skin?

  1. Wrinkle resistant: You don’t have to wake up in the morning with creases on your face from your hard pillow cases anymore. Bamboo pillow cases are buttery soft, smooth as silk and wrinkle free, unlike other bedding materials.
  1. Moisture Balance: A lot of fabric materials, especially cotton pillowcases, absorbs oil & moisture from your skin, where as bamboo does the opposite. Bamboo is naturally hydrating. It helps your skin stay moist for longer and improves your overall skin health. It helps aid skin rashes and eczema. 
  1. Anti Ageing: Bamboo’s naturally hydrating properties keeps your skin smooth, soft and delays the onset of wrinkles. 
  1. Prevents bacteria & skin inflammation: Bamboo fabric comes with natural antibacterial properties which helps you combat acne causing bacteria and makes you feel fresh every night you sleep. The hypoallergenic properties of bamboo prevents inflammation, skin reactions and feels more gentle on the skin.

Bamboo pillow cases give you 8 hours of skin care therapy, the beauty sleep of your dreams. 

Head to our exclusive Bamboo pillow cases collection to find your favourite ones and indulge yourself in an all organic, natural skin care process. 

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