Green Solutions for Corporate Gifts

At Bamboa, we believe that beautiful things need not come at the expense of the environment and that sustainably and ethically made products can be beautiful and useful. Especially if they’re made from bamboo. 

The very first bamboo home and lifestyle brand in both Hong Kong and all of  Asia, we advocate for and promote the use of bamboo and bamboo products as an alternative to plastic and other unsustainable resources. In addition to our retail and online stores, we provide B2B services for corporate clients.

The idea of a gift bag from a corporate event is a lovely thing. Yet how often do we find them filled with single-use plastic? It is a well documented fact that the production and disposal of these kinds of items is harmful to the environment, impacting us all in countless ways.


Bamboa is synonymous with sustainable luxury. We offer corporate clients a better way, with bespoke gifts, all made from bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Our towels, t-shirts, face masks, water bottles, and much, much more can be easily personalised for your business and attractively packaged in an eco-friendly bag, customised with a logo and tagline.
A green corporate gift from Bamboa is not only an environmentally responsible way to show appreciation for clients and staff or commemorate an occasion, but also helps to combat the climate crisis. A portion of our proceeds goes to plant bamboo through our Grow Bamboo Initiative, which fights climate change and lifts up struggling communities in Nepal.
Bamboa wholesales and exports. We also assist customers with designing and developing bamboo products and manage the whole project from the bamboo forest to production to the end product. 


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