A good night's sleep is all you need to boost your immune system and prevent illness!

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Are you one of those who loves to sleep and needs just another reason to get a good sleep? Well, here it is then!

Sleep helps boost your immune system. Yes, you heard that right!

So until a couple of months ago, nobody was aware of a virus like Covid 19 until it took over our lives. Now we have people of all ages struggling to stay free from the virus, going into quarantine and trying out different vitamins and supplements to boost their immune system. Yet what most seem to be missing out on is the importance of SLEEP!

It’s not just the quantity of sleep that’s important but the quality of sleep too. You could sleep for eight hours at a stretch and yet wake up feeling tired or not as fresh. Have you wondered why? There could be several reasons; stress, anxiety, distractions from electronic devices or maybe even something as simple as your bedsheet.

Quite often our bedsheets and pillow cases are made of fabric that is not soft or smooth enough for the skin. A bedsheet that’s rough or harsh on the skin leaves one sleeping uncomfortably all night but a good bedding can help you doze off in seconds.

Buying Bamboo bedsheets would be a perfect solution for those of you who struggle to sleep comfortably or find yourself tossing and turning all night.

So why should you buy Bamboo Bed Linen?

  1. Bamboo Bed linen is extremely soft and silky in texture. In fact, unlike cotton bedsheets, bamboo sheets soften with repeated washing and are more comfortable that the finest silk. Imagine sleeping every night on sheets that feel like the finest of silk. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?
  1. They are Hypoallergenic (perfect for those of you with sensitive skin). The reason being that most bamboos are naturally resistant to insects and diseases and therefore are grown without the need for pesticide or harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals can cause skin allergies especially for people with sensitive skin.
  1. Bamboo bed sheets are highly absorbent (3 x more than cotton) and breathable. They are well ventilated, which means the sheets have a feeling of being cool during hot months and warm and dry during winter months. For those of you who struggle with finding that perfectly cool spot on the bed, during a hot summer month, a nice set of bamboo bedsheets or a comforter will instantly give you the coolness you’re looking for. Bamboo fibres keep moisture away, making sure your body is free from sweat while you sleep.
  1. Bamboo linen is naturally Anti-bacterial and Odour Resistant which means they stay fresh longer and so do you. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to our exclusive Bamboo Bedding collection Online to find the Best Bamboo Bed linen available and be sure to improve not only the quality of your sleep but your mood, life and health too.

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